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Frequently Asked Questions

How do WincFood Discounts work?

We partner with local restaurants to provide the you with restaurant discounts.

When on our website, click discounts. Find the discount that you are interested in, hover over each discount for details about the discount. The details may be different per restaurant.

Click pay a payment option, upon payment, you will receive an e-mail from us which has your discount.

Present this discount (print it or save it to your phone) with your bill when paying and the discount amount is deducted from your bill.

Do the owners/administrators of this site write reviews?

No, we haven't written a single review. The Winchester, VA community writes all of the reviews found on this website

My review is not displayed on the site, why?

Your review is probably in violation of our review policy or is still in the approval process. Please see our Terms of Use Review Policy.

Why aren't restaurants just outside of Winchester listed on the site?

We only list restaurants located within Winchester, VA on wincfood.com. There are an occasional few restaurants right on the border of the Winchester city limits that are included. If you are looking for other area restaurant information, please visit our affilite sites.

I created an account, but never received an activation e-mail, why?

First, check your spam folder. Sometimes our mail can get flagged as spam. Second, if you registered using a Comcast e-mail address, sometimes Comcast does not accept mail from our server, try an alternate e-mail address.

Why do you display closed restaurants?

Sometimes it is nice to take a step back and look at the restaurants that used to exist in Winchester. Believe it or not, restaurants come in go in Winchester all the time.

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