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Barefoot Charlie's

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140 Independence Dr, Winchester, VA - Map

(540) 664-6182American Cafe


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Barefoot Charlie's is great. Both breakfast and lunch sandwiches are delicious. It's a keeper.

Anonymous Reviewer

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On this rainy, cool April day, I lunched at Barefoot Charlie's. Perfect choice really. Hearty soup, excellent sandwich - All in pleasant surrounding. Owners are personable, professional & excellent chefs ... Highly recommended ...


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On Monday, March 9, I had lunch at Barefoot Charlie's, 140 Independence Drive. This is off Millwood Pike, Route 50, about 2.5 miles east of Winchester, in the large tan building for Winchester Harley-Davidson. Independence Drive is the first road on your right after you pass the traffic light for Victory Road, and takes you into the Westview Business Center. The building is visible from the highway; to reach the restaurant's entrance, drive three quarters of the way around the building to the far west corner where a sign says COFFEE SHOP.

Barefoot Charlie's Food Company opened on February 1 in space once occupied by the Blend Cafe. Hours are 7:00 AM-5:00 PM Monday-Saturday; it will also be open on Sundays when Harley-Davidson adds Sundays to its schedule. In addition to serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, take-away service is also available. The phone number is (540) 664-6182 and the Web page is Don't believe the map in the Web page if it still shows a location on Manhattan's West Side.

The outside entrance door into the single room has no vestibule; there is also an inside entrance from the Harley-Davidson showroom. Seating includes two tables for four along the right wall, more tables for four in the center, a shelf with stools along the front window, and another shelf with stools along the back wall to the left. A refrigerated display case with a limited choice of bottled beverages is further back along the right wall.

A lounge area is on a raised platform in the left front corner with an easy chair, a sofa, and a table with magazines. A potted palm outside the platform's corner has two small round tables on the floor next to it with two chairs apiece. Orders are placed and picked up at a window at the kitchen in the back of the room. Faint music could be heard, and I did not notice a TV screen.

The regular menu is posted on the right wall; categories are Let's Get Started!, Get Your Greens & Beans, and What's to Eat!; the latter is mainly sandwiches with fries or chips but includes Cheezymac and Soup Made Daily. Also listed are Liquids, Sweet Stuff, and Barefoot Charlie's Sauces. A smaller blackboard on the back wall lists Today's Eats.

I ordered a burger with cheese, lettuce, and tomato with chips and a soft drink. They did not have Dr. Pepper or Mister Pibb in the display case, and I settled on a Sprite, which has no caffeine. My order was served in a small plastic basket lined with a piece of wax paper, with the hamburger roll on top of the potato chips.

I had trouble eating the burger because the rather large beef patty wanted to slip out of the bun; it should have been stabbed with a toothpick to immobilize it, and served on a platter so it could be cut. My fingers were covered with melted cheese and mayonnaise, and I was constantly using napkins. In retrospect I should just have had mustard on with the burger, and no tomato, lettuce or mayonnaise.

Barefoot Charlie's is primarily a convenience for the customers and employees of the Harley-Davidson agency and other companies in the Westview Business Center. I wanted to know what the place was like; now that I know, I'll probably not be back. I'm not putting it on my keeper list.

Perry Crabill

Review Comment - Saturday, April 11, 2015

Cracks me up! complaining about to much meat! If napkins were needed must have been juicy sounds like a good burger to me !!! and for info Mr Pibb in machine around the corner check Cafe Vs Gourmet ?!?!?! Fries crispy and Mac N Cheese Killer !!! Bacon egg n cheese toasted bun thick sliced bacon egg over easy and melted cheese !! Yum Yum Critics!! Most can't boil water without screwing up !!!!

Anonymous Reviewer