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Chipotle Mexican Grill

Vote = 3.5Vote = 3.5Vote = 3.5Vote = 3.5Vote = 3.5 of 21 reviews

2012 S Pleasant Valley Rd, Winchester, VA - Map

(540) 667-9534Mexican Fast Food


Vote = 1.0Vote = 1.0Vote = 1.0Vote = 1.0Vote = 1.0

Horribly slow service. The past 3-4 times I have been here I have written a complaint to corporate and each time received a gift card but the service has yet to improve. Average wait time is 30-40 minutes even with only 10-15 people in line. I go to the Chipotle in Crystal City, VA and the one in DuPont Circle in DC regularly and have never waited more than 10 minutes. After my last experience at the Winchester location, I was at the Crystal City Chipotle with 33 customers ahead of me in line. 9 minutes after getting in line, I had paid and was walking out. The same line at the Winchester location would have resulted in an hour plus wait.

Giving them a 1 star based on service alone. Food is consistent with what you expect from Chipotle once you finally get it. The only way I will eat here in the future is by placing an online order.

Anonymous Reviewer

Vote = 2.0Vote = 2.0Vote = 2.0Vote = 2.0Vote = 2.0

I have always been a fan of Chipotle even before it was the place to be. But my experience with this particular Chipotle has soured me on the restaurant and it may be a while before I go back. I was in the area doing some errands and used my Chipotle app to order a burrito bowl so I could pick it up when I was ready. The concept behind the app is that you can order, prepay, breeze in, grab your order and breeze out. No standing in line, no waiting. Well that was a huge fail. Something had happened to an order ahead of me and the one employee who was working the online orders was totally involved in fixing that. The girl behind the register told me it would be only a minute for my order, then the manager got involved and told me that it would be ready in a moment. He (the manager) went on about his business as if I didn\'t exist. Finally the young girl who was working the online orders acknowledged me, actually apologized for making me wait, explained that she'd started my order but then got involved with the problem and would remake my bowl so that it wasn't cold (points for her!). I had by that point been there long enough that I could have stood in line (which reached around the entire restaurant and back to the door) and gotten my order. The young lady finally got my order to me and I explained that the app hadn't let me order some special instructions which she quickly and graciously got for me (more points for her). While I was waiting for that, the manager noticed that I had my bag and very rudely came and asked what I was waiting for now. He was so rude and I was so stunned I didn't answer quickly enough for him so he went on to the girl behind the register and said "Do you know what SHE'S waiting for?). I explained that the other employee was helping me, he gave me a look and went on. Thanks to the young lady working the online orders I was able to get my order, hot and the way I wanted. The rest of the experience was subpar and will keep me from repeating my visit anytime soon. Service there definitely needs to be worked on. Perhaps another Chipotle location in Winchester would lighten their load a bit and it would be better.

Anonymous Reviewer

Vote = 2.0Vote = 2.0Vote = 2.0Vote = 2.0Vote = 2.0

This Chipotle has great food BUT the service is extremely slow. Be prepared most days to wait 30 to 40 minutes in line. Most of the servers are slow workers but the combined problem are the take out orders taken online. They stop the line and work on take out's. I love Chipotle but I don't think I have the patience anymore to wait in line.

Anonymous Reviewer