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Cici's Pizza

Vote = 2.5Vote = 2.5Vote = 2.5Vote = 2.5Vote = 2.5 of 10 reviews

2059 S Pleasant Valley Rd, Winchester, VA - Map

(540) 535-0002Italian Restaurant


Vote = 5.0Vote = 5.0Vote = 5.0Vote = 5.0Vote = 5.0

My family visits this CiCi's often. Much cleaner and fresher food than some locations that I've visited. Sometimes the line is outrageous but the management seems to stay on top of moving it along.

Anonymous Reviewer

Vote = 4.0Vote = 4.0Vote = 4.0Vote = 4.0Vote = 4.0

It is what it is. I have a 5 year old son, and this is where he and I go for our "guy time". He can pick out his pizza, eat as much as he'd like (which is usually more than he normally eats, as he's a finicky eater), and we can play some arcade games afterwards.

If you want "good pizza", then obviously you look somewhere else. I rate CiCi's highly because you don't go there for high quality pizza. You go there because it's one of the few bastions of inexpensive family dining that isn't traditional "fast food".

Anonymous Reviewer

Vote = 1.0Vote = 1.0Vote = 1.0Vote = 1.0Vote = 1.0

Where to start...Here yesterday for dinner after not having been in since spring. It's always so crowded & the line so long we normally opt to go elsewhere. Things have taken a sharp nosedive. Got the feeling it's changed hands/management. Salad bar not fresh, clean, or stocked. A plank was laying across an entire row of empty salad topping containers. Lettuce bowl nearly empty, had to take cesar salad instead. Pasta was drowned in sauce and soft cheesy garlic bread they used to serve has been replaced by cut up pieces of pizza crust thrown on yet another plank covering up the place where the sauce bin used to be. Pizzas have always been mediocre at best. Chaos of the place is worse than ever. Prices up, quality down, patrons out of control. It's like feeding time at the zoo. I realize lots of families go because it's cheap but it doesn't mean you don't have to mind your manners and act civilized. Guess it doesn't matter anyway 'cause we won't be back, so get as out of control as you want.

Anonymous Reviewer