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Domino's Pizza

Vote = 2.0Vote = 2.0Vote = 2.0Vote = 2.0Vote = 2.0 of 2 reviews

80 Featherbed Ln, Winchester, VA - Map

(540) 667-3400Italian

this restaurant delivers


Vote = 2.0Vote = 2.0Vote = 2.0Vote = 2.0Vote = 2.0

The pizza was good. The table had not been wiped. The time of service was good. They have no fountain so the only available drinks are from bottles and are cool, not cold. No ice is available. I asked for half pepperoni and half mushroom. The guy taking the order asked if I wanted them kept separate. I explained what 'half' meant and demonstrated 'this side pepperoni, this side mushroom'.

Anonymous Reviewer

Vote = 2.0Vote = 2.0Vote = 2.0Vote = 2.0Vote = 2.0

"You paid HOW much for this?", my wife asked incredulously. $38.00 and some change for one pizza (with xtra cheese), a sandwich and an order of wings. The pizza was gummy and starchy, only semi-cooked in the middle, the extra cheese imperceptible. The toasted Italian sub was quite tasty, but skimpy on the meats. One would do far better for the money with the toasted Italian sub from Sheetz for about $4.00. Then came the wings...what the heck was THAT? Not even a hint of crispiness, just a mush of congealed grease. The crispiness is kind of the whole appeal of chicken wings. The texture reminded one of clotted mayo. I'd have returned the utterly inedible mess, but did not figure it was worth the drive back. In the trash they went. It's a bit of a violated feeling being ripped of, but live and learn, right?

banjo guy