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170 Front Royal Pike, Winchester, VA - Map

(540) 542-1755Breakfast American


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Come on people, it's the International House of Pancakes! It's not gourmet. When we're just too hungry to think and want something real, not fast food, IHOP is a nice touch. You get what you pay for, folks, it's fine.


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Without question the worst dining experience I have EVER had at any place in Winchester. From the very beginning, our server was rude and completely incompetent. One thing I hate is when servers don't write an order down. No, you are not impressing me by trying to memorize the order. Our drinks came out completely wrong, and it went down hill from there. My business partner, who I was having lunch with, ordered chocolate chip pancakes and bacon. After telling the server three times he wanted bacon and not sausage, sure enough, she brought it out with sausage. Not only did she bring it out with sausage, she threw it down on the table so fast, neither of us was able to tell her she had made a mistake. That was the last time we saw her, literally. Never checked back with us, never refilled our drink and never brought the check. To top it all off, the food was horrible. His pancakes HAD ONIONS IN THEM!! and my sandwich (I ordered a BLT) had such dry bread, it basically crumbled when I went to pick it up. When we went up to pay the bill, we asked to see the manager. The kid checking us out said "well he is around here somewhere, but I don't know where". Just because we didnt want them calling the cops on us, we paid and left, and will never return again.


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This IHOP has 50% discount for folks over 55 on Monday evenings! The food is well-prepared and the service is good, even when they're busy.

Anonymous Reviewer