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Jolato's Gelatoria

Vote = 4.5Vote = 4.5Vote = 4.5Vote = 4.5Vote = 4.5 of 4 reviews

120 N Indian Alley, Winchester, VA - Map

(540) 733-3680Dessert



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When I was walking I was surprised to find that Winchester had a new Gelato shop. I had the chance to try to the tiramisu and chocolate it was just okay would hope they use fresher ingredients for the gelato!

Anonymous Reviewer

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Ok, just finished eating my first Jolato's cone and it was AMAZING. I have this thing for pistachio gelato and it was the best I've had in a long time. Wayyyy better than some famous gelato place in NYC on Columbus circle that will remain unmentioned. Cute place, friendly service. You will not be disappointed.

Anonymous Reviewer

Vote = 5.0Vote = 5.0Vote = 5.0Vote = 5.0Vote = 5.0

As someone who had his first taste of gelato at the age of 12 in front of the Coliseum in Rome, I can tell you that Jolato's is the real deal. Was there on the first day and I can tell you that the shop is a wonderful asset both to its titular father, Joe's Steakhouse in Winchester, and also to Old Town Winchester itself. It may be a bit off the main trail as it is on Indian Alley, but it is definitely worth a detour off Loudoun Street. It would behoove those who are not familiar with the difference between regular ice cream and gelato to do a little research, but bottom line, gelato is denser and, in most reviews, more flavorful than your typical ice cream, which can have as much as twice the air in it than gelato. Back to Jolato's, and its nice, cozy environment with some special photographic artwork on the walls, the gelato selection is great now, and growing. The gelato is hand made in a machine right behind the counter so you can see what actually goes into this luscious dessert. Usually, gelato has a more diverse selection than ice cream and Jolato's includes Green Apple Jack, Lemon Cookie, Salted Caramel Peanut (I think that's the name), and even Avocado, but the menu can change from day to day. Personally, I'm looking for my favorites, Espresso and Amaretto and understand those may show up soon. Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to wonderful experience at Jolato's Gelatoria.