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King's Pizza

Vote = 3.0Vote = 3.0Vote = 3.0Vote = 3.0Vote = 3.0 of 8 reviews

2206 Wilson Blvd, Winchester, VA - Map

(540) 722-2209Italian

this restaurant delivers


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Just read one of the reviews talking about how they are not affiliated with the Kings in Inwood, WV. I can tell after the last two nights of ordering from them and them messing our order up and not making good on the order. If you order from these guys make sure you count your change and make sure you are getting what you order. They are definitely not in the same class as the Inwood Kings. Talk to the manager and the dude wouldn't even make good on an order of fries that they missed. That is just poor business. I will not be ordering from them again.

Todd Webber

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We ordered tonight and got our order in 10 minutes! We are fairly close to them, but I did not expect this.

As usual our food was delicious. Do not listen to these negative reviews. They are awesome!

Anonymous Reviewer

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First of all, the Kings in Winchester, IS NOT affiliated with the ones in West Virginia. I personally spoke with the owner (in Inwood), last night. The guys in Winchester used to work for him. Against the wishes of the original owner, they came to Winchester and opened under the same name, and are telling everyone that they are a part of the WV group. How did I find out? We ordered a pizza from them, yesterday. 45 mins they said. 1 1/2 hours later, nothing. 2 hours in, we called and cancelled the order. The driver still showed up. When my wife greeted him at the door, to explain what was happening, he got an attitude and said some nasty things. Long story short folks, they are impostors. It doesn't matter if you can get good food there. They are ripping off honest, hard working folks, that don't deserve to have their name tarnished. I will personally be giving them plenty of free advertising. DO NOT EAT HERE!!!


Review Comment - Saturday, September 20, 2014

I wish I would have known that before ordering here.

Todd Webber