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Okinawa Hibachi Sushi & Sake Lounge

Vote = 4.0Vote = 4.0Vote = 4.0Vote = 4.0Vote = 4.0 of 5 reviews

571 Adams Drive, Winchester, VA - Map

(540) 542-0300Japanese


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Visited Okinawa twice for lunch over the last couple of weeks and truly enjoyed each experience. On both occasions I sat in the hibachi grill area and had amazing service from our servers, awesome presentation by the hibachi grill chef, and very tasty food. My young children were in awe of the grill presentation and enjoyed their meals that were prepared in the kitchen (beef and broccoli & tempura chicken). My sirloin and side of spicy tuna sushi was top notch. The cost for lunch for my family of five was $73.00 so it is a bit pricy; however, had I opted for water as our drink selection and excluded the sushi, the bill would have been under $50.00. Overall, this was a great experience but I would suspect it's probably a place more reserved for special occasions when having dinner. A quick glance at the dinner menu looks like it would be about double of what my lunch bill totaled.


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I went to with my family and we were pretty upset for tonight dinner. We order few different foods include extra soup and appetizer. I don't now why but one of our food(fried rice) was so salty and drink a lot of water. I tried to eat my order but I can't, it's too salty. And finally one waiter came to our table and asked us how's food. And I told him other than my fried rice is salty, it's okay. But waiter leave the table before finish my speaking and I request more water but he never came back to our table. I gave up to eat my food, I didn't eat more than 1/4of dish. Waiter came back to our table with bill and big smile-that means he needs tip. He went to other table more than 4times for check what they need or help, but he never came to our table even if we asked to him more water. Food was not bad other than salty rice and greasy fried shrimp. Noodles and sushi was okay (3out of 5stars)
This restaurant must train their waitress and waiters more- do the customer service, not just beg to customers tip.
This is our special dinner but we didn't enjoy. It's first time to visit and it's last time visit.

Anonymous Reviewer

Vote = 4.0Vote = 4.0Vote = 4.0Vote = 4.0Vote = 4.0

I've been to okinawas twice now for dinner and both times the service and food was exceptional. The first time we ordered the Thai spring roll appetizer, best rolls I've had. I usually do not like any type of egg rolls but these were phenomenal including the sauce! Then I ordered the basil lovers entree, simply delicious it was my first time trying this type dish. The second time we were there we ordered the money at appetizer, and this dish was to die for. I crave it everyday! For my entree I stayed to a more typical dish of the general tsos chicken, it was definitely the best I've had around here. It wasn't over compensated with grease or sauce. The perfect portion as we'll.

Anonymous Reviewer