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Papa John's Pizza

Vote = 3.0Vote = 3.0Vote = 3.0Vote = 3.0Vote = 3.0 of 4 reviews

2227 Valley Ave, Winchester, VA - Map

(540) 667-4141Italian

this restaurant delivers


Vote = 3.0Vote = 3.0Vote = 3.0Vote = 3.0Vote = 3.0

The commercial says something about good ingredients, and they have good ingredients, but they have also been skimping on the toppings, but i still like there pizza. Just wish they would fill up the pizza with toppings like they used too.

Todd Webber

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YUCK! I dont k now what happened to papa Johns. I used to love their pizza and now it's awful. If they changed the recipe they need to change it back. Pizza is grose, expensive, and way too small for the price. I make a point never to order here anymore.


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This is the worst Papa John's Ive ever been to. I ordered online which should be super easy. I didnt get a response email that they received the order, so I called. They hadn't received the order, so I told it to him again. The staff was very rude on the phone, and kept saying, "anything else" in a frustrated tone between every topping, which got annoying. Then they hung up before I gave them my credit card info. So I called back and again they were trite and rude. The pizza took over 50 minutes, which is ridiculous for a wednesday night at like 9. Another time I ordered their SU student special and they tried to jip us by not giving it to us at the correct price, charging out 2nd pizza for a size larger than it was, and then not bringing the reciept so it took forever to fix the problem. In the end, we paid full price because they acted like they had no idea what was going on. It took forever to arrive that time too. If I order from there again, since I really love the pizza, I am picking it up.