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Papermill Place

Vote = 4.5Vote = 4.5Vote = 4.5Vote = 4.5Vote = 4.5 of 40 reviews

2214 Papermill Rd, Winchester, VA - Map

(540) 667-1136Diner Breakfast Restaurant


Vote = 3.0Vote = 3.0Vote = 3.0Vote = 3.0Vote = 3.0

Just to be clear. This is NOT one of the best places to eat in Winchester. It is a glorified diner with good food. Although it used to be better years ago. Now it is mostly a decent breakfast/ lunch/ dinner place that is affordable, convenient and fast.

Anonymous Reviewer

Vote = 4.0Vote = 4.0Vote = 4.0Vote = 4.0Vote = 4.0

I like it here. Breakfast is good. The fried oysters were incredible UNTIL I had some a couple of weeks ago. I think the guy cooking them didn't wait for the oil to get hot enough and as a result, I got oysters whose breading was greasy and falling off all over the place. I've never had that happen in there before. Also, the parslied potatoes were sitting in some kind of liquid and they were pretty gross. I had to send them back. Coleslaw and dinner roll were fine, as was my waitress.

Anonymous Reviewer

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This place use to be a favorite I would go there every saturday and eat breakfast.But when the father died and the son took it over it went DOWN hill,the food all started tasting the same no matter what you ordered and the prices going up at the drop of the hat.I think that was just to pay for the BIG new house he built but it was a shame because it was good back then and the waitresses use to be good back then also WHAT A SHAME

Anonymous Reviewer

Review Comment - Monday, December 12, 2011

I have had the complete opposite experience. I have never had a bad meal or service and I know the son has also been running the business for atleast 20 years. The prices have always been very affordable and even with groceries and economic costs rising, their prices have always remained very affordable. My family has visited this restaurant for years and remains our favorite and most inexpensive to eat at. It is unfortunate some people don't agree, and it is a shame someone's assets are judged based on their business.