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Piccadilly Grill

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46 E Piccadilly St, Winchester, VA - Map

(540) 431-5037American


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I really like the food at Piccadilly Grill. It's home made and and pancakes were divine. It's a small family owned business now so things aren't always perfect but the ladies there were real sweet and made great conversation. It's a good place for any meal of the day and their burgers are good old fashion artery cloggers in the best way. Don't come here if you're on a diet, but do come here if you want to be full of good food for the rest of the day.

Anonymous Reviewer

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On Thursday, September 15, 2016, I had lunch in Winchester’s downtown at the Piccadilly Grill, 46 East Piccadilly Street, which had recently opened for breakfast and lunch on August 31. Hours are Monday-Friday, 7:00 AM-3:30 PM; Saturday, 7:00 AM-2:00 PM. Take-out and dine-in services are available, and the phone number is (540) 431-5037.

The most recent eatery at this address was Just Like Grandma’s, which had closed earlier this year. I had eaten there once, about four years ago. Before that it had previously operated as the Piccadilly Grill, after being a White Castle restaurant. I believe my wife and I ate there not long after we moved to Winchester in 1982.

The Piccadilly Grill can be described as a small, hole in the wall diner operation that is very narrow, with maybe 15 stools at an L-shaped counter where you order and eat. There is also a small table up front, next to the window. The kitchen is a grill behind the counter, and you can see the food being prepared there while you wait.

The floor has a light tan color; the walls and the ceiling are white. I was told that the walls had been dirty and covered with writing, and had to be repainted. The interior is well-lit, and has a brighter ambiance than Just Like Grandma’s, which I had noted as being somewhat grungy.

The menu is a double-sided 8-1/2 by 11-inch sheet, laminated in plastic. It lists Breakfast Specials, Breakfast Meals, Breakfast Sandwiches, and Breakfast Side Orders; also, Lunch & Dinner, served w/fries or chips, Side Orders, Kids Menu, Drinks, and Juices.

I asked for the Birch Beer listed on the Drinks Menu, which most places don’t offer. However, I was told that at present that outlet of the drink dispenser was currently used for Mr. Pibb; it will be switched to Birch Beer when all of the Mr. Pibb has been used up. I accepted a Mr. Pibb, and ordered a Western Omelet with Rye Toast, from the Breakfast Specials Menu.

I would rate the omelet as acceptable, but noted that the two pieces of rye toast had the thinnest slices I had ever seen. Both servers also served as cooks, and I noticed that only one of the ladies used gloves while putting uncooked food on the grill. I ate there to learn what the Piccadilly Grill was like, and don’t believe that I’ll be back.

The restaurant is next to John B. Hayes, Tobacconist, at 50 East Piccadilly. Although there is no smell of tobacco inside the restaurant, there is a strong smell of the substance outside as you walk by the store’s corner location.

Perry Crabill