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Snow White Grill

Vote = 3.5Vote = 3.5Vote = 3.5Vote = 3.5Vote = 3.5 of 31 reviews

159 N Loudoun St, Winchester, VA - Map

(540) 662-5955Fast Food


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Thursday, September 17th, 1:20 pm -- My daughter and I went downtown - only to eat at Snow White Grill. Being that it was still lunch hour - we were very disappointed to find that the door was locked and they were only serving through the window and had spaces to eat outside. We didn't stay because we don't like eating outside. Why would the restaurant part be closed during this time day??

Anonymous Reviewer

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Had lunch here Thursday 06/04/15 thinking I have not been here for quite a while and would enjoy the taste of those old time mini burgers and fries w/a birch beer to drink. Boy was I disappointed after eating my cheese burgers and fries which was really expensive at $2.00 per burger and $2.00 for the fries as well that the portions were even smaller than I remembered and the taste was no longer the old time burger that I remembered.

Apparently this place has new owners yet again and has lost the last of the magic, quality, and affordability that I have known for almost 50 years. Will not be going back. ( What a shame )

Anonymous Reviewer

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Milkshakes are great....but half the size that they used to be and even more expensive. $5.00 for a small milkshake??? I mean come on. Plus we called ahead and were in a hurry, they didn't start making until we got there, and gave us two vanilla and one chocolate instead of the opposite way around. Which is okay, mistakes can be made, no big deal. But the small size with the large price is ridiculous. I don't think the new ownership has done this place justice.

Anonymous Reviewer