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190 Crock Well's Mill Dr, Winchester, VA - Map

(540) 722-4777Fast Food


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The 1 is because the corndog was actually not overdone. Just had lunch there with two children, way expensive for flat, overdone patties, bacon that is too fatty, small sodas and small tots. We fell in love with Sonic in Myrtle Beach, SC and couldn't wait for one to come to Winchester...BIG disappointment...the kids even said they would remind me if I ever mention going there again how horrible it was. Should have stayed home and had PB & J!

Anonymous Reviewer

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Watch for metal in your food here. I was here and got some kind of metal piece that they could not explain in my food and when I took it back to the store and showed them, they just looked at me puzzled and gave me a free value meal, like I wanted to eat there again after having metal put in my burrito.

Todd Webber

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Great menu selection and decent quality for fast food. I love the footlong chili dog with onion rings.

Anonymous Reviewer