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163 Gateway Dr, Winchester, VA - Map

(540) 535-7203Fast Food


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I ordered 17 super sonic breakfast burritos for my employees at work. The burritos were actually very good and the entire order was put together correctly - which was a surprise to me since several of the burritos had special order requests. That being said, the service is what gives this review it's low rating. I provided the server with a tax exempt form and she did not know what to do with it. She calls her manager who proceeds to review the form in front of me and says "I don't know what the crap this is." She has to call her general manager to get approval to use the form. I can understand not knowing what a tax exempt form is if you've never seen one but she should have moved away from me before she felt it was necessary to be so unprofessional. Had one of my employees used this language in speaking with a customer, they would likely have been terminated.


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They have the worst quality control ever. Not to mention the worst service. Almost all the employees are convicts on a work program. Everything is made sloppy and the employees they hire should not even be allowed to talk to the public. That's how bad they are.

Bryan Fleming

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I went there 12-27-08 and ordered the breakfast burrito. It was practically spilling over from excess eggs, cheese and sausage, absoutely delicous. I couldn't even eat it all and shared the leftovers with 2 other people. Needless to say I'll be heading to that Sonic mulitple times in the future.

Anonymous Reviewer