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161 Gateway Dr, Winchester, VA - Map

(540) 723-0518Cafe


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I've been really disappointed in Starbucks of Winchester of late. I stopped by for a coveted Pumpkin Spice Latte a couple of weeks ago and ended up drinking a quarter if that and eventually pouring the rest down the drain. It was way to sweet and looking at the color as I poured it into the sink, it was nearly orange like they forget to add the coffee orange. Never saw one that bright before and I generally have a PSL at least once a week when its in season though I don't visit this Starbucks that often. My latest attempt just three days ago was for one of my old favs, Cinnamon Dolce Latte. This time I went thru the drivethru and didn't taste it until I was on the highway. Bad idea because it was so bitter I almost spit it out. I could smell a little cinnamon but this was like old black coffee with a dash of cream. I'll have to make it a policy to taste my drink before I leave but I'm not accustomed to routinely bad drinks. Of course they would have remade it if I had returned, but I didn't have time to return on either occasion, so I was just out of a lot of money. Has anyone else had bad luck with Barista mixing at this Starbucks or is it just me?? Guess this will teach me to make my own coffee in my Keurig for $1 or go back to Daily Grind (which I don't frequent anymore because who wants to get out of the car when you can go thru the drive-thru?) which I didn't have many issues with.

Anonymous Reviewer

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I frequent Starbucks and have always had consistant service. My drinks all always made quickly and correctly. It's clear they well train their staff. The drive thru is often busier than I would like. Another location would be nice, say in the S. Pleasant Valley area.

Anonymous Reviewer

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I drank Daily Grind Mochas for the last 10 years. The ratio of decent drinks to bad was 1 out of 5. Then later 1 out of 10. When Starbucks came to town I switched. Now my ratio is 10 out of 10. Best Mocha and most consistently made correct.
Just wish the still had another location, because RT 7 sucks! It's always backed up and it adds 20 minutes to my coffee run.

Bryan Fleming