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210 Grocery Ave #120, Winchester, VA - Map

(540) 723-9797Fast Food


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I have visited this Subway twice. The first time, I saw an advertisement for their meatball sub, got a major craving, and decided to go there for lunch on a Sunday. When, I got there, they were completely out of meatballs. Yesterday, I decided to go there for a quick dinner. I saw an advertisement for the sausage sandwich on the way in. Naturally, they were out of sausage! They are now two for two. Obviously, if you're going to be heavily advertising a product, you need to be prepared for increased demand. On top of all this, the lady in front of me paid with cash and their drawer was out of change. The employee reached into the charity jar to pick out her change! In front of everyone! The food that I did get was fine, however. About what I expect from any Subway sandwich.


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Anonymous Reviewer

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We ate there on Friday. Service was friendly and quick for a Subway. This location is far better that some of the other local Subways. We did visit later in the afternoon, not very busy. I'll go back to this location before others.