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Taqueria Guadalajara

Vote = 4.0Vote = 4.0Vote = 4.0Vote = 4.0Vote = 4.0 of 8 reviews

1181 Front Royal Pike, Winchester, VA - Map

(540) 450-8360Mexican


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The service was great but the food not so much. We started out by ordering sweet tea to drink and chips and salsa for an appetizer. The chips and salsa were not complimentary unlike most Mexican restaurants. The salsa provided was too spicy. I asked if they had other salsa and she said yes, they have hotter salsa. I said no, I mean salsa that isn't as spicy.

Additionally, we ordered some guacamole as an appetizer in hopes that it was better than the salsa. The guacamole arrived and to be honest it was basically smashed up avocado. So, although it was fresh it was not guacamole.

For our main course, I ordered the Sopes La Comadre and she ordered the Don Gato Burrito. The waitress asked what fillings I would like and I said steak and chicken. She asked for beef as her burrito filling.

The food arrived within about 10 minutes. My order contained only steak (no chicken) and the base was layered with refried beans. I did not like the taste of the refried beans so I scraped off the meat and ate only that.

She received her burrito and rather than separating out the beans it was inside the burrito. She ate half of the burrito and thought it was edible at best. As she was going to box up the second half of her burrito, she found a hair under the burrito. So, we decided it was best to just throw away the burrito.

Overall, I would not recommend eating here as there are so many better Mexican restaurants located in this area.

Anonymous Reviewer

Vote = 5.0Vote = 5.0Vote = 5.0Vote = 5.0Vote = 5.0

Fantastic Mexican food! Friendly and attentive wait staff, great cocktails, and delicious desserts. The chorizo is the best I've ever had anywhere.

Anonymous Reviewer

Vote = 5.0Vote = 5.0Vote = 5.0Vote = 5.0Vote = 5.0

Fantastic Mexican food at very reasonable prices. The staff and owner were exceptionally friendly and attentive, but I barely noticed because I was so busy enjoying what is most certainly the best Mexican cuisine for miles around.

Highlights are the rustic, chunky guacamole, the carnitas, and probably my favorite menu item - cabeza (beef head meat). Do yourself a favor and try this on a taco, I doubt you'll be disappointed.

Did I mention the service was excellent? It was also FAST... my wife and I had dinner in about 20 minutes.

Can't recommend this place enough.

Anonymous Reviewer

Review Comment - Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Agree. A more refined take on regional dishes, excellent ingredients.

Anonymous Reviewer