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Virginia's Restaurant

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806 S. Cameron St, Winchester, VA - Map

(540) 550-9764Salvadoran


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The best tacos in town. Big fan of this place for sure! A little rough around the edges but really authentic food and a friendly staff. Highly recommend.

Anonymous Reviewer

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On Sunday, September 25, 2016, my daughter and I had lunch in Virginia’s Restaurant, 806 South Cameron Street in Winchester. The outdoor sign reads “Virginia’s Restaurant – Hispanic Food”.

Hours are Tuesday-Sunday, 10:00 AM-9:00 PM; Monday, 10:00 AM-5:00 PM. The phone number is 540-550-9764, and it offers Dine-in, Carryout, and Delivery service. It has a parking lot.

A concrete ramp across the front of the building gives access to the elevated entrance on the left. The entry area is a small carpeted room with two padded benches and a unisex restroom.

A doorway to your right opens into the dining area; watch the small step down at this point to avoid stumbling. The cashier’s station is on your left, in front of the entrance to the kitchen. A cooler for canned and bottled beverages is next to the kitchen door.

Six booths are next to the windows along the front wall. The back wall separates the kitchen from the dining area, and does not extend all the way to the ceiling. This makes the kitchen noises quite noticeable in the dining area, and an open window in the center of the wall allows you to look into the kitchen and even converse with the staff.

Additional seating is provided by a table next to this wall, and two booths against the wall beyond the window. The dining area has two TV screens; a small one is over the doorway from the entry area, and a larger one is on the right wall. Neither one was operating during our stay.

We heard very loud Hispanic music upon our entry. I discovered later that it came from an Internet connection from a computer setup in a cubbyhole next to the door to the kitchen. This system was being used as a juke box by a group of Hispanic young men in a booth with a number of beer bottles on their table.

All of the few other patrons appeared to be Hispanic also, with some family groups. The plastic tablecloths were imitation oilcloth, with pictures of fruit. Wall decorations were limited to several pictures of fruit. The floor covering was brown tile and the ceiling was white.

The menu was double-sided printed sheets in three plastic folders bound together. Categories included Antojitos/Appetizers, Desyunos/Breakfasts, Sopas/Soups, Niños/Kids, Porcianos/Sides, Bebidas/Soft Drinks, Bebidas Naturales/Natural Drinks, Bebidas Calientes/Hot Drinks, Especiale de la Semana/Week’s Special.

Our Hispanic server was Erika. She did not bring the usual tortilla chips and salsa I have come to expect at Mexican restaurants, but wonder if that’s perhaps a Tex-Mex feature, rather than a native Mexican offering.

The Coca-Colas bottled in Mexico found in some Hispanic restaurants were not available. My daughter had a soda for her drink, while I had a Tamarindo, a fruit drink from the Bebidas Naturales selections. Her entrée was a chicken and onion dish. It was served with rice, beans, and salad that she used to make burritos with tortillas.

My choice was Domingo Sopa de Marisco, Sunday’s Especiale de la Semana. It was a seafood soup with a number of shrimp, a clam and a mussel on theirf half shells, half of a crab, and chunks of fish filet, along with several other types of seafood I couldn’t identify. La Sopa came in a large bowl on a platter, and was extremely hot.

The shrimp were difficult to deal with, but with persistence I was able to remove all of their shells, which were whole. However, there was no way I could do anything with the crab and I left it alone.

The broth was very tasty, and I did get enough to eat. I made no effort to take the leftover items home. Neither of us wanted dessert. We did not care for the loud music, and will not be back to sample any of the other menu items.

This restaurant opened late last year as Virginia’s Hispanic Restaurant, and I found myself the only customer when I had lunch there on December 8, 2015. The menu and hours have changed somewhat since that visit.

It replaced La Pizza, an Italian restaurant that opened on February 24, 2014 and didn’t last long because it was next door to a thriving Pizza Hut. Other businesses previously at this location were Jack’s Auto Sales, a used car business, and the Middleburg Creamery, specializing in ice cream. It is located between Pall Mall Street and Millwood Avenue.

Perry Crabill