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1810 S. Loudoun St., Winchester, VA - Map

(540) 450-5127American


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Took 20 minutes to get a salad and it wasn't many people inside. Perhaps priority is given to drive thru? Food is OK but nothing extraordinary. Have previously tried the wings which were large but didn't stand out.

Anonymous Reviewer

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It took me 20 mins to get threw the drive threw! There was only 3 cars in line. There is a concrete thing stopping you from leaving once you get in line! I do not recommend this place at all!

Anonymous Reviewer

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On Sunday, March 19, 2017, my daughter and I had lunch at the new Zaxby’s chicken restaurant at 1810 South Loudoun Street, in Winchester, Virginia. It’s at the intersection with Jubal Early Drive; parking lot access is from Loudoun Street and there are two handicapped spaces. Zaxby’s opened on March 6.

Hours are Monday-Saturday, 10:30 AM-10:00 PM; Sunday, 11:00 AM-9:00 PM. Drive-Thru services is available and remains open until 10:30 PM on weekdays. The phone number is (540) 450-5127. There’s a Web Page and its links include the menu. Zaxby’s is also on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

The parking lot has two counterclockwise traffic loops; the inner one is for Drive-Thru and the outer one is for parking. Directions are marked by painted arrows, but one arrow is reversed from the others in its loop. When the Drive-Thru lane is stacked up, be careful backing out from parking spaces.

Doors are on both sides of the building, and each has a vestibule. The left door gives immediate access to the line for placing your order; the right door seems to be an exit. Floors are dark imitation oak, and the high ceiling is dark with exposed girders and HVAC ducts.

As you enter the left door, trays and bowls are on your left. Further along a drink machine offers only Coca-Cola products; next is iced tea and ice. Two ordering stations are at a counter in the back.

Menus are displayed on the wall behind the counter. Categories include Zalads, Sandwich Meals, Popular Meals, Wings & Fingerz, Zappetizers, Zax Kidz, Drinks, and Desserts. Extra sauces and dressings are available, but must be specified at the time you order; they are not provided at the condiment table, which offers only ketchup.

Lighting has hanging cords with old-fashioned light bulbs over most tables, along with more modern bulbs in recessed ceiling fixtures elsewhere. Walls and partitions have garish electric signs with bare bulbs spelling words that are hard to read. Windows are on the building’s front and both sides.

Seating is varied; booths are along the walls and dividers, high-rise chairs are in front of shelves at windows, high-rise tables and chairs are elsewhere, and some round tables seat seven.

Your order’s Check Number is called out when it is ready. We didn’t wait until then to find a table, but selected one while my daughter waited for our order’s call. It took about ten minutes to be ready.

My daughter had the Chicken Salad Sandwich Meal, with “all-white-meat chicken on honey wheat bread with crisp lettuce and juicy tomatoes, served with Crinkle Fries and a 22-oz Drink”. This was $6.79, and for 99¢ extra she had a Brownie for dessert.

My selection was the Grilled Chicken Sandwich Meal, “grilled chicken, Honey Mustard Sauce, tomatoes, and crisp lettuce on a toasted Brioche bun, served with Crinkle Fries and a 22-oz Drink”. It was also $6.79.

There wasn’t much meat in my daughter’s sandwich, and its “salad” was a piece of lettuce with a slice of tomato. Her brownie was hard as a rock; she exchanged it for cookies, and had to insist to get two instead of just one. I had better luck with my sandwich; it had a respectable amount of grilled chicken and the bun was just right.

The staff was helpful, but Zaxby’s is a noisy place, what with the lack of acoustic treatment, the constant calls from the PA system, and conversational hubbub, along with just plain clattering racket from handling trays and utensils.

We went to see what it was like; now that I know, I won’t be back. I’m not a fan of fast-food chicken restaurants, but have found that service is faster at Bojangles and other chicken venues because Zaxby’s doesn’t prepare the food until it’s ordered.

Perry Crabill